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Grab a bite in one of these celebrated restaurants!

It might have taken a while for the city to catch up with the rest of the UK, but there are finally some truly fantastic places to eat at in Worcester.

Whether you’re looking to get down and dirty with a big burger, or you’re eager to try something completely new you’re sure to find the right restaurant for your next special occasion.

We’ve had an ask around on the High Street to see what restaurants the people of Worcester are getting behind:

Friar Street Kitchen

The aptly named Friar Street Kitchen (clue: it’s on Friar Street!) hasn’t been open for two years yet it’s already the toast of the town! FSK is only small, but what it lacks in space it more than makes up for in big flavours and locally sourced grub. The owners come from farming backgrounds, so they understand better than anyone the importance of sourcing good-quality food. The focus on the menu is very much to a carnivores taste, with their ‘Summer Benches’ proving particularly popular with the punters.

“I love coming to FSK on a weekday night, the service is always so good and the food is to die for: its definitely become one of my favourite places to eat in the city.” – Janet, 23

Thai on 7evern in Worcester

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Opened in 2015, Thai on 7evern is the sister restaurant of another Thai enterprise in neighbouring Hereford. Goong and her team have worked tirelessly to provide the same warm welcome and authentic taste that visitors to their country have come to expect and they’ve become a roaring success in the process. There’s everything on the menu that you’d expect here: red curries, green curries and pad thai, but there’s also a few interesting specialities like their Weeping Tiger and Nu Pad Namman Hoi.

“When I came back from Thailand all I wanted was more of that delicious food, so I was so happy to find this place – it takes me right back there every time!” – James, 34

The Olive Branch

Nothing sets the scene better for family gathering or party than a huge table of tapas and The Olive Branch is the place to get it in Worcester. This successful Mediterranean joint serves up a wide array of classic tapas plates in addition to offering up some great offers throughout the week. From Monday to Friday customers can buy a sharing board with a carafe of wine for £25, or try 5 tapas dishes for £25. The big space accommodates large parties making this a great option for celebrations too.

“This is my go to tapas place, it’s perfect for a light lunch during the day or a long, relaxed evening of dining.” – Oliver, 54

The Old Rectifying House

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Like many of the buildings in Worester The Old Rectifying House comes complete with its own unique history. Two centuries ago the building was used to distil booze, but today it sticks to serving it with a selection of delicious, refined pub grub. In this peaceful historical setting you can enjoy a number of carefully crafted meals, from Moules Marinier to Roast Wood Pigeon all whilst being treated to excellent service.

“I love going to The Old Rec on a weekend, their food is always excellent and they do fab cocktails.” – Sandra, 42

Four Independent Business Worth Checking Out

Are you supporting your local business owners?

Whilst you can always rely on the big companies to stay afloat, things are a lot tougher for smaller business owners. Whereas many entrepreneurs take their ideas 30 miles north to start their business events in Birmingham, the are a dozens of intrepid individuals who have set up their unique stores right here in Worcester.

Here are just a handful of the independent businesses that have been flying the flag for Birmingham:

The Fish Emporium

Rachel Steele has practically got fish blood running through her veins. She started working at her parents’ fishmongers at the age of just 12 years old when she was well and truly bitten with the mongering blood. As gross as that might sound, it’s lead to her opening her very own fishmongers next to Gwilliam’s farm shop off the A449. Just like her parents and their parents before them, Rachel and her team work tirelessly to source the freshest seafood from local ports.

In addition to serving a variety of rubs and sauces, Rachel sells over 30 varieties of seafood in her store including salmon, lobsters, swordfish, shark and crab. Shellfish can be ordered in with 48 hours notice. Whilst you’re there you may as well head into Gwilliam’s to get everything else that you need to complete your dinner!

Monkee Business Retro

The world of Pop Culture has grown to be a movement that is far bigger than anyone could have imagined. Where once comic books and video games were considered the preserve of nerdy adolescents and stunted man-children, today these characters are celebrated the world over and are adored by millions of fans of all ages. Monkee Business Retro celebrates the success of geek culture in the form of thoughtful items, clothes and accessories that adds up to what can only be described as ‘nirvana’ for true geeks.

Fans of television series such as Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad also won’t be disappointed here as there’s plenty of merchandise related to these hit TV shows, as well as some truly unique items that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

Elgar Coffee Shop

If you’re spending a whole day out and about shopping then you’ll need somewhere to take a load off. Before you walk soundlessly with your arms outstretched to the nearest chain outlet, slap yourself out of your consumerist stupor and get down to Elgars. This completely independent restaurant and coffee shop offers a peaceful dining experience with enough charm and character to remind you why it’s better to support small businesses (rather than line the pockets of millionaire scumbags).

Mustafa and Sarah have owned the place since 2001 and have spent that time tastefully decorating and updating their pride and joy with touches of their Turkish homeland as well as a collection of aviation paintings from World War II tapping into Worcester’s unique historical heritage.

Fuel Clothing

There aren’t many independent business that can claim to have had as much success as Fuel Clothing. Run by two best friends, Fuel offers an exciting range of fashionable clothing for discerning women. Running the gamut from modern trends all the way back to the slickest of vintage styles, Fuel don’t sell any average High Street garbage. This boutique specialises in stocking some truly unique clothes from independent fashion labels such as Desigual and Joe Browns to more exotic ware from far flung destinations such as France or Italy.

Over the years this business has expanded, so today Fuel spreads over 2000 square feet and two floors, showcasing the kinds of clothes that you simply wouldn’t be able to find in a High Street store.