No Job Too Obscure For Worcester’s Finest

There’s a person for every job here in Worcester!

If you’ve got a problem that needs solving or a job that needs handling, chances are there’s someone in Worcester who can do it for you.

Worcester is packed full of handy, skilled individuals that are eager to take any odd jobs off your hands, so that you can get on with the task at hand of simply enjoying life! Never has there been a more entrepreneurial city than Worcester and whilst the population only just pops its head over 100,000, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be able to find a Worcesterite to help you out in a cat’s whisker of a jiffy. So, whilst you may have to go further afield to a bigger city for specialist jobs such as decluttering services or sound-proofing, if there’s a simpler task to be completed you can guarantee that there’ll be someone from the city to do it for you.

We’ve chosen to highlight a few of the companies in Worcester that have been making a business out of doing other people’s odd jobs – check them out and give ’em a call if you like:

Excellence Cleaning

Sometimes there are messes that are simply too big to sort out yourself. Whether you’re looking to look to get a regular cleaner in your home or place of work, or need an expert team to perform a post-construction clean up operation, the team at Excellence Cleaning have the skills and experience necessary to get the job done at the right price.

Whilst they’re with you they can also take care of your ironing, gardening and even give your home a fresh lick of paint! Excellence Cleaning are your one-stop shop for all things domestic from cleaning your carpets to ironing.


David Hamilton Haines is a man obsessed with motors. But this man is no simple gear-head who talks in horsepower and torque stats, he’s obsessed with something a little easier to see. After spending endless hours of his spare time agonising over the cleanliness of his car David decided to start his own business where he could turn his attention to other people’s motors. There’s nothing he likes more than returning a car back to its former glory, so if your car is in need of a little spit-shine you know who to call!

The Dogfather

Although the title of ‘Dogfather’ is a self-conferred one, it’s supported by dozens of reviews from satisfied customers (and dogs!). Eddy Morris is a professional dog walker who also offers a completely certified and insured dog boarding service. He and his wife Tania have devoted years of their lives to looking after rescue dogs and animals with special needs, but they also love to have guests for short stints. Whether you’re looking for a simple dog walking service or a thoroughly compassionate boarding option for your beloved dog, the Dogfather is the man to call.

Luther: Rod Willmott

Guitarists are notoriously protective of their instruments and for good reason; these 6-stringed instruments can often be valued into the thousands so it only makes sense that a professional should be hired to fix it, should it ever need a bit of care and attention.

Rod Willmott is Worcester’s resident luthier, an expert craftsman who has been astounding stringed instrument owners with immaculate fixes and repairs for over 30 years. Rod is also a consummate left-handed player himself, making him well suited to perform right-to-left conversions on all kinds of stringed instruments.

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